PANIFICIO LODI was born in Tarquinia, medieval town of Lazio, in the hands of Giacomo Lodi, who, in 1927, in his workshop of the historic center, begins his adventure in the ancient art of bread and flour.

The work done at that time, more than a pioneer, was made of sacrifices and not much moments of joy, involving the whole family and pass on, over the decades, from the hands of its founder Giacomo to those of his nephew Hector even after the war, with those of his son Alfonso, evolving until our days.

Traditionally, we are attempting to answer to the needs of our customers. In this way, the new issues market pushed us, for several years, to offer new products and rethink our openness to the world.

The idea was to found TERRA ETRUSCA, a company created to promote and distribute not only our baked goods, but primarily our excellent savoir-faire, carefully selected by us, to convey the warmth of our homeland and make you travel, in an instant, to Italy.